Real Estate Investing Strategies That ACTUALLY Work in Any Market

Investment Strategies
More times than not, real estate investors don’t peel back enough data to make smart decisions in a tough real estate market. Listen to what the mainstream media is saying, what reports NAR is coming out with and other sources that can be deemed unreliable can cause so many problems so inexperienced real estate investors.

In this video, Jason goes through several points of understanding information and data in order to make smart choices in your investing journey in order to be an Empowered Investor.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Thou Shalt Maintain Control – Jason’s Investing Commandment
0:24 Be a direct investor
0:34 Three major problems of investing the wrong way
01:26 What Lawrence Yun with NAR is saying about home prices
02:12 What money wants to do
03:00 The difference between real estate markets
04:19 Can you build a “cheap” home today?
05:15 Multifamily and Apartments inventory
06:01 The single family housing market inventory
06:58 Overpriced market being impacted
08:36 What type of investment isn’t falling
09:01 All housing is local
09:22 Can you really trust the mainstream media?
10:37 Thou Shalt Maintain Control – Jason’s Investing Commandment
11:03 Three major problems of investing the wrong way
12:16 The Empowered Investor Live Black Friday Special
13:17 My FREE Presentation at Ron Legrand’s event
13:36 Entry Level Rental Housing
13:58 What else are we going to do with our money?
14:42 The Defensive Investing Strategy

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