American Crypto Investors Choose Turkish Citizenship l STRAIGHT TALK EP. 54

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In this episode of Straight Talk, Alaattin Kılıç interviews John and Stephanie, our American audience-turned-clients. John and Stephanie are educators and cryptocurrency aficionados from Florida. They’ve decided to invest their crypto gains into a property overseas, two years ago. They began evaluating their options for a Citizenship by Investment Programs. One of the people they listened to for advice was Andrew Henderson, of the Nomad Capitalist YouTube channel, who essentially pointed them towards Turkey. After visiting several Turkish real estate companies they came across Property Turkey’s consultants whom they found entertaining, engaging and most importantly informative.

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Who John and Stephanie Are
02:27 John and Stephanie’s Experience with Property Turkey
05:07 Motivation for Investing their Crypto Gains in a Home in Turkey
12:33 Why Turkish CIP is the most Advantageous in Terms of Properties’ ROI
18:15 Virtual Property Touring that Allows you to Find and Buy a Property Online
25:23 Cryptocurrency is the Effective Means of Payment Despite the Currency Fluctuations

The program aims to cover all the controversial topics in the Turkish Real Estate market and debunk urban legends. But that’s not all we do. In Straight talk, you’ll find lots of useful information about investment opportunities and the basics of Real Estate investment in Turkey. Stay tuned for more.

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