Real Estate Covid Impact India | Pre & Post Covid Data Analysis | Real Estate Forecast 2021 | Pune

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In this video we have discussed what is the impact of Covid on the real estate market. What will be its impact on supply and demand in the future. At the same time, we have also tried to understand that what will be the effect of Covid on property prices in the coming times.
We have also discussed in this video what has been the Impact on real estate before and after Covid.

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Real estate sector in Pune has escalated by leaps and bounds in less than a decade. The cultural capital of Maharashtra has been growing significantly with the advent of IT sector, globalization and industrialization. Every year new buyers ingress the market seeking for property investments thus creating an evident demand, on the other hand developers come up with new and cutting-edge technology projects year after year to cater the supply thereby continuing the cycle. New property buyers are not only the natives but also the nonresidents who’ve been looking for investing in a potential location. While this may seem a big opportunity for the investors, it has also been a major challenge for them with an ever-growing swarm of scamsters.

SaudaGhar is an initiative to educate the buyer in every possible aspect. We at SaudaGhar, have been constantly thriving to empower and acquaint the buyer to make a sound decision while investing in property by understanding their individual needs, purpose, emotions, feelings and risks behind getting a safe and secure investment. We understand that buying one’s dream home involves a lot of framework which varies with individual and personal liberty. Our sole aim is to guide you with a complete 360-degree analysis and unbiased review of the property, location, timely work completion, budget and legalities at your door step, virtually. Our digital platform provides you with the other side of the coin as well which may not be known to you as an end user. This will not just benefit the buyer with secure investments, cost savings but also ensure that the buyer is informed enough about the present scenario to make a right call. The decision for buying/ investing lies solely with the buyer, SaudaGhar abstains from promotion. Our only intention is to educate, guide, and consult you with your problems.

We’ve been fortunate enough from our genuine and happy customers for bestowing their love and support throughout our journey. We are more than happy and content to serve and help you resolve your issues. SaudaGhar makes sure that each of our client’s/customer’s query and request has been resolved be it through our active video portal, other social media handles or through our in-person consultation services. Our dynamic and proficient team of professionals helps you with Investment management/portfolio (property) management/capital management/financial advisory/client strategy and consulting.

For further assistance SaudaGhar also has an active and efficient ground support team which deals with preliminary and detailed survey for every location and provide you the ground reality and helping you with an end-to-end support.

Be it from pre-booking to post-possession, be it pre-construction to post-occupancy, SaudaGhar is here to help you.

Think Real Estate, Think SaudaGhar!

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