Housing Market Update 2021: The 15 Top Real Estate Markets for Investors (& Which States to Avoid)

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With so much uncertainty in the country, I wanted to give you a housing market update so you know the top real estate markets to invest in. These are the 15 states that you should be looking at as you make your investment decisions.

Number 15 is Ohio. In particular, cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland have all been strong cash flowing markets.

Number 14 is Missouri. This has recently been a very strong state for my own portfolio and it’s the state with the third lowest rate of unemployment.

With so many Fortune 500 companies, Texas is number 13 on the list.

Oklahoma is number 12.

Arizona is number 11, largely due to strong migration.

Florida is number 10 in this real estate market update. However, you’ll find most of your cash flow opportunities in the suburbs or rural areas.

Tennessee is number nine.

Arkansas is eighth in the top real estate markets despite the low migration.

Similar to Arkansas, Georgia scores highly in many areas but not in migration.

Indiana is number six on the list.

Idaho is number five. It has boasted the highest migration rate of any state during the last few years.

Alabama offers strong appreciation and cash flow, making it number four on the list.

North Carolina is third, with Raleigh being rated the fourth best place to live in the US.

Number two is Delaware. Its employment is strong and people are moving there like crazy.

Number one is South Carolina. It scored high in all categories except for the Fortune 500 companies.

Use this housing market update to make a smart move. Any of these top real estate markets are great options with the right property manager.


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