600% return with seller financing?! Buying land using owner financing & Flipping for Huge Profits

I used owner financing to purchase this real estate investment and make a profit. flipping vacant land using owner financing pros cons of owner finance to do a real estate deal.

I normally don’t use owner financing to buy my deals, a lot of times it involves predatory owners in my opinion hoping you will fail and they will get your down payment and their land back, these people i purchased this property from were great to deal with and nothing but upstanding people to do business with and the owner financing in this situation was fair, reasonable, and I was able to use it to make a good deal. Owner Financing is not a good enough reason alone for me to buy a piece of property but when coupled with a good investment real estate asset in a good location it can be a perfect combination and I feel like that’s what I had here, check it out and let me know what you think

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