‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker buy Casa Bonita restaurant

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“South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have one thing to say — courtesy of trash-talking character Eric Cartman — to anyone who spread rumors that they couldn’t buy Casa Bonita:

“You will respect our AUTHORITAH!”

On Friday, Parker, 51, and Stone, 50, told Colorado Gov. Jared Polis that they’ve tentatively agreed to purchase the Colorado landmark in Lakewood. The sale comes a few months after the previous owners of the Mexican restaurant — made famous by the biting animated show — said the joint was not for sale. 

“As of about an hour ago, pending bankruptcy proceedings, we’ve come to an agreement with the owner and we’ve bought it,” Stone told Polis Friday morning.

Casa Bonita was a beloved childhood location for Parker and Stone, which led to the restaurant receiving several mentions in “South Park.” In 2003, Casa Bonita was the focus of one of the show’s most classic episodes to date. 

Casa Bonita in South Park.
A still depicting Casa Bonita from a Season 3 episode of “South Park.”
Screenshot South Park / Youtube

With the sale, Polis asked the creative pair whether they plan to improve the quality of the food of the restaurant, which has a fairly mundane menu. 

The duo has stated their plans to improve amenities at the iconic Mexican restaurant, which features an arcade, cave and waterfall with cliff-divers, among other attractions. 

“I think everyone knows the potential of what that place can be and we certainly do, and I think it’s going to be an awesome Colorado thing,” Parker said. He previously told the Hollywood Reporter that he and Stone felt “like it was neglected even before the pandemic,” adding that “We are going to do everything we can. We want to make it right and make it amazing.”

The creators, who both grew up in Colorado, struck a deal to buy Casa Bonita shortly after inking a six-year, $935 million pact with ViacomCBS that includes 14 “South Park” movies for streaming.

Casa Bonita at 6715 W. Colfax.
Casa Bonita at 6715 W. Colfax Ave.
Alamy Stock Photo

Summit Family Restaurants, the current owner of Casa Bonita, was forced to file for Chapter 11 protection after a financial setback amid COVID-19 shutdowns.

The restaurant — which can seat more than 1,000 people — has been closed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Casa Bonita in South Park.
Casa Bonita as depicted in “South Park.”
Screenshot South Park / Youtube

The final sale is expected to take months, pending court approval. 

“If it were up to us, we would have people in there right now working on it,” Parker told the Hollywood Reporter shortly after Friday’s announcement. 

Although the sale price has not been disclosed, Parker called the price “fair.”

Matt Stone and Trey Parker during Comedy Central Celebrate 10 Seasons of "South Park."
Matt Stone and Trey Parker during a Comedy Central event celebrating 10 seasons of “South Park.”

Located at 6715 W. Colfax Ave. in Lakewood, Colorado, the restaurant first opened in 1974. 

“South Park” has featured more than 300 episodes and is now in its 24th season, making it one of the most successful television shows in US history.

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