5 reasons the Housing Market Crisis Started | Why Houses Are So Expensive In America

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Here is why house prices are so expensive in America and how affordability has been wiped out in this housing market crisis. In this video I share with you why house prices are the way they are. As you all know the housing market has been full of INSANITY. Houses are flying off the shelves and opportunity is minimal. Everyone is competing for the same home because inventory is at all time lows.

Millions of Americans are praying for a housing market crash so prices can get back to reality. Many have been outpaced by appreciation, demand and can no longer afford buying a home.

The mortgage forbearances, eviction moratoriums and all the stimulus packages that flooded the market have caused house prices to surge. To top it all off, low interest rates have continued to encourage borrowers to keep borrowing money.

In this video I share with you the 5 reasons why house prices are so high and what this can mean.

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