The Housing Market is COOLING DOWN! | Housing Crisis becoming a buyers market

Buying Real Estate
The housing market has been CHAOTIC for the past year and things are starting to cool down! Home owners at one point thought of a number in their heads and listed their house for that price and SOMEHOW got it. That’s how INSANE the housing market has been!

I am a real estate agent 24/7/365 and I see daily what’s happening in these markets. We are in a housing market shift where home buyers are starting to realize these house prices are not making any sense. Buyers are starting to negotiate, lower house prices and take advantage of homes sitting on the markets longer.

Millions of people have been on the sidelines saving cash or renting just waiting for the right moment to get into the housing market. Millions of people have been heart broken and lost house bids due to the insane competition. Millions of first time home buyers have been outpaced by prices and can no longer afford buying a home. Affordable homes are not so affordable anymore.

In this video I share with you the crazy housing market crisis we are in and how house prices are starting to go down. Many are hoping for a housing market crash and even though this is not one it’s definitely a relief to know prices are getting a bit cheaper.

Join me in this video as i discuss with you the housing market shift and how you can benefit from it when buying your home!

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