buying a home AND land in Cambodia as a foreigner

Buying Real Estate
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Safety Wing expat/travel insurance (I get commission)

If moving to the Kingdom of wonders is your dream, or anywhere for that matter; then stop crying about excuses, and go! I’ve got links for all kinds of stuff in this description and a video that kind of lays most of it out for you so you don’t have to spend hours toiling away doing research. Watch my other vids for more info on health, visas, and assorted BS. Don’t forget to thumbs up my vids and to subscribe. Peace ✌?

The Cambodia Expat Legend, No Joke Howard’s e book:
Stop being a Bitch, Quit your lame ass job & Move to Cambodia…

Dave Royce’s guide to Cambodia:…

Dave’s Channel:…

Phones. Make sure your cell phone is unlocked! Phones are expensive vs the US in Cambodia, so have your carrier disconnect and unlock your phone. Get a SIM card and plan from MET or SMART with 8GB data for under $20. Some carriers are on BS about unlocking phones, so know ahead of time!

Internet. The WiFi is usually really effing fast in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, so reduce ur data usage and take advantage of those speeds. Gaming is radical, and uploads are super fast for fellow vloggers

Banking/ Money/ Business/ TEFL/ Taxes/ CV:

Travel Currency.

Currency Conversion Chart.

American Online Bank.

Cambodian Online Bank.…

Cheap TEFL:

Start a business:


Tax Info:…

CV/Resume templates:…

Accommodation/ Food/ Pets/ Amazon delivered safely (plus gear picks list):

Hostel B&B in Phnom Penh @$16/night:…

2br apartment $350:
4br luxury villa $900:…

Studio apartment $180:
3br house $700:…

Food: $250/mo buys street food and market groceries with 4 weekends of beer in the fridge

Get your stuff from Amazon safely:


Preferred gear on Amazon:…

Legit dog breeder:
Perfect Pedigree

Health Care:

Health Insurance:
1) Safety Wing @$37/mo

2) World Nomads

3) Allianz

1) Khema Clinic and Maternity
18 street 528 Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

2) Travelers Medical Clinic
88 street 108 Wat Phnom Quarter, Phnom Penh


Tours/ Sights:
1) Cruises from PP to SR via Tonle Sap:

2) One of the best bus lines for SE Asia:

3) Angkor Wat tours:…

4) Koh Rong tour:

5) Fauna in Focus (Conservation Group):…

Go to school:
1) University of Southeast Asia

2) University of Cambodia

3) CLEP your degree (just one example):…

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