When to Pass on a Home with Foundation issues | Flipping Houses | In The Life 129

When to Pass on a Home with Foundation issues | In The Life 129
Are you 100% serious about
✳️ Learning how to find “Off market” real estate properties to flip
✳️ Securing Cash for your fix & flip houses
✳️ Finding & managing “The Right” contractors for your real estate investing business

New to real estate investing? or if you’re ready to scale to more flips per year?

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I’ve been flipping houses since I was 19 years old. I’m a TWICE self-made multi-millionaire and Real Estate Entrepreneur who created massive success despite the economic crash of 2008 that sent me into bankruptcy.

I rebuilt my wealth & found financial freedom once again.
I’ve patented my Single Family Triad™ method in real estate that continues to create successful students around the globe that have found financial freedom.

P.S. I’ve been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Huffington Post & have been flipping properties since 1999.


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When to Pass on a Home with Foundation issues | Flipping Houses | ITL 129 – https://youtu.be/8C7CqlTM3k0

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