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Learn about dividend stock investing for beginners. I’m excited to share my personal dividend investing and passive income strategy in today’s video guide.
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0:00 Introduction: Dividends provide steadily-increasing passive income that can be used for ordinary living expenses.
1:29 I’m excited to share 36 photographs that each tell a story about dividend stock investing for beginners.
2:43 Dividend stock investing is for everyone. It does not require owning obscure companies. I invest in household brand-name companies that pay dividends.
3:50 Dividend stock investing is a hack or cheat code to the game of life. Dividends help us break free from job-dependency.
5:20 Dividend stock investing is a community! We all get it.
5:36 Dividends are about community, growing, teaching, hustling, respect, looking toward the future, and more.
6:02 Dividend stocks leave a legacy.
6:35 Be careful about skeptics. Stay focused on your dreams.
7:00 The goal of dividend investing is generating passive income that can replace job income.
7:22 Dividend stock investing can be a fight. It’s about fighting for financial freedom and staying strong during the difficult parts of the journey.
10:23 Dividend stock investing is like developing a property. It’s like building a business. We all have to start from somewhere, brick-by-brick.
12:25 The analogy between dividend stocks and fruit trees is huge.
13:12 Time is one of the most important factors with dividend investing.
13:30 Dividends can pay bills. It’s ok to use some of the fruit from the dividend tree.
14:50 Key Takeaway: Being frugal is a huge part of successful dividend stock investing.
16:08 Times in nature are much more important than material objects.
16:38 Dividends are a lifestyle.
17:00 Enjoy the journey, it’s ok to splurge.
18:10 It’s all about family and friends.
19:37 It starts small, but the portfolio grows over the long-term.
20:04 Dividend investing changes lives.
20:35 Dividends give back and do good!
21:28 Dividends live on forever. It’s a legacy!
22:00 It’s ok to have contradictions.
23:08 Frugal lunch is the best.
24:58 I invest with passion and emotion.
25:25 Traditional best practices may not make sense with dividends.
26:15 I’m a contrarian investor.
27:50 I buy world-class companies that are on sale.
29:20 Google who makes the various products you love.
29:47 Wasn’t oil supposed to go out of business?
30:53 Go to Costco for investing ideas.
33:00 Could McDonalds (MCD) be the best dividend stock?
34:31 I love companies with a competitive moat.
35:30 The Home Depot (HD) is a great place to find investment ideas.
36:08 Diversification is key.
37:47 Keep your eyes open at work.
40:00 I double down on industries I love.
41:25 Real Estate can pay huge dividends.
44:24 Dividend investors don’t give up.
45:20 You are in a race against yourself.
46:15 Dividends ease stress.
47:53 Dividend investing and running are very similar.

Here’s my AbbVie dividend stock analysis: https://youtu.be/D14hmitCI4E

Dividend stock investing can change your life: https://youtu.be/ulNP-dYV1Ww

DISCLOSURE: I am long 3M (MMM), Coca-Cola (KO), AbbVie (ABBV), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Apple (AAPL), PepsiCo (PEP), Otis Elevator (OTIS), Utz Brands Inc. (UTZ), Campbell’s Soup (CPB), Chevron (CVX), The Home Depot (HD), Starbucks (SBUX), McDonalds (MCD). I own these stocks in my personal stock portfolio.

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