Monday (Tuesday) NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update ? June 1st, 2021

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Monday (Tuesday) NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update ? June 1st, 2021

This week Steve starts us off by talking about this past holiday weekend’s open houses and how they went. We cover the NW Seattle area numbers and they have us asking “Where are all the Sellers?” Inventory is quite low, possibly due to the holiday, but Buyers are definitely out there, probably because of the still phenomenal interest rates.

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Video Transcript:

– So welcome to week 64 of our Monday Market Update. We hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend. Sandra and I had open houses this weekend and mine was extremely busy on Saturday a little bit less on Sunday for our open houses. We never know what to expect with a three-day holiday weekend but we are always open to doing open houses for our clients. So that’s it. We had a great weekend.

– Yeah, so my question to everybody is where are the sellers this past week? We had only 40 new listings come on the market.

– Wow!

– I know!

– That’s crazy.

– Crazy low, yeah. To keep it in perspective, the previous week we had 115, so big, big difference. However, like Steve said, busy open house. Buyers were still really active. We had 100 homes go under contract. 90 went pending, 10 went pending inspection. Again versus 78, the previous week. So all of that activity definitely brought down our inventory. Previous week, we had 185 homes available as of Monday morning, we had 126 homes available for sale. And of those 68% have been on the market for 10 days or more. And their average days on market were 43. So there’s still a lot of opportunity out there for buyers. And we did have 58 homes close 64% of them sold for over asking 12% sold below asking. So again, things are selling things are moving really fast. Interest rates are still really good, which is probably why we had so much buyer activity over the weekend right? 3.125% for 30 year and jumbo, man jumbo money is cheap 2.875% So get out there people pretty much everything in Seattle’s probably a jumbo loan right?

– Right, definitely. But that’s a great rate.

– Yeah.

– I wanna add to everybody that’s thinking about selling their house in the future. Please give us a call. We have so many people that call us last minute and we’re always rushing to get their home ready. You will save yourself a lot of grief. A lot of time If you get us in six months or a year ahead of time we do it for people all the time that way. And when they get ready to sell their house in January, February, March, April, May in the spring they are ready and there is no stress. So call us. We want to help your home sell quickly. And as they always say for top dollar, right? We do try to get that for you too. So anyways, have it a great week, enjoy the sun and we will talk to you on our next Monday Market Update.

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